Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Small, proof of concept retrofits

A small, lightweight retrofitted Datsun capable of accelerating from 0-60 in under 3 seconds! This simple project retrofit illustrates the huge gains possible by switching to electric. New life can be breathed into older vehicles and simple vehicles are very readily retrofitted, bringing down maintenance costs and increasing performance.

London Taxi Project

Our UK projects include retrofitting black London taxis to electric drive. This project was intended to start off with 2 pilot vehicles for trial and testing by the City of London but unfortunately the lock down in early 2020 led to this project being put on hold.

Our discussions with the London Taxi association are ongoing and there is potential to retrofit up to 21 000 of these taxis in the next 10 years. This project will resume as and when travel restrictions and circumstances allow.

EV Green bus

Our fully electric, battery powered EV Green bus was our first step in the commercial vehicle market. In its former life, this bus was aging and nearing the end of its useful life. Thanks to the fully electric retrofit, this vehicle has now completed over 10 000 miles of testing and abuse and has shown huge promise to local fleet operators. It now has the potential to run for many additional years, completely exhaust emission free!

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

Our battery powered EV Green Bus has paved the way for our latest project, to retrofit this newly acquired Gautrain commuter bus with a hydrogen fuel cell as a proof of concept for the South African market. In particular the public commuter fleets and large mining personnel shuttle fleets would benefit from this technology.

We would use key lessons learned and feedback data from this venture to enter the US commercial vehicle market with bullet proof, tried and tested designs.

Busses like this could have ranges upwards of 300 miles and fill up in mere minutes thanks to the energy density and filling rate of Hydrogen.

Containerized Hydrogen Filling Stations

Our team has experience in developing and building standard 20ft container modules that are able to store and dispense hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, typically at 350 or 700 bar (5000 and 10 000 psi).

These modules are fantastic as they also have the expansion available for their own onsite green hydrogen production through electrolysis and are readily transportable due to their standard container intermodal design. This means these modules can be easily picked up and placed wherever fuelling is required and simply operate off of a water and electricity input to provide a complete turn key fuelling station. 

No refineries, no logistics and no exhaust emissions.