Investment Opportunity

Become part of a new revolution and join the BisonEV Retrofits Inc. family through our crowdfunding initiative where all investors, small or large are welcome. We are also seeking a strategic partner to provide equity funding for our commercialization plan to expand operations into the U.S. ride-hailing industry, commercial public/private transportation and the potential to enter into the hydrogen vehicle market and other opportunities. We are dedicated to being part of the change by proudly offering;

Access to proven and tested  retrofitting processes & technology to install electric drive components on a cost-efficient basis with competitive mileage and fast recharging times

Ability to utilize retrofitting technology inside existing vehicles that are already safety tested, avoiding risks associated with vehicle design, safety testing & protocols

Promising up-and-coming EV industry with strong support from governments, corporations, consumers and other stakeholders

Large relatively untapped and rapidly growing consumer base seeking affordable EV options for gasoline cost reduction and environmental advocacy

Experienced management and execution team with extensive experience in developing and leading companies worldwide, the automotive, EV, hydrogen and related sectors

Potential to enter hydrogen market (exploit current market for batteries while simultaneously building out the infrastructure for hydrogen vehicles) & other strategic ventures

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