Hydrogen FCEV

Hydrogen Powered Travel

Fuel cell electric vehicles – or FCEV’s – are electric vehicles with electric motors powered by a combination of battery power and power provided by a fuel cell. In essence, a fuel cell works by combining hydrogen from a tank and oxygen from the air to produce water and electricity. Working in concert with a small battery – also part of the FCEV models – this process generates electricity for use only as and when it’s needed. Depending on how hard you press on the gas pedal, this powerful fuel cell meets this demand and caters to the vehicle’s needs by throttling up and down. Need even more power? The battery will also kick in and assist the fuel cell for maximum output. Need less power? The fuel cell can shut off and the vehicle will run solely on the battery, with the fuel cell topping it off as needed. Talk about economical travel!

So, why are FCEV’s a great option? Well, in short they pack a punch. Imagine having all the energy that a gas tank holds while enjoying the torque and efficiency of an electric motor, all while producing no greenhouse gas emissions. FCEV’s are able to do this as hydrogen stores even more energy than gasoline does. If you’re able to compress and store enough of it you’ll have access to more power than any modern day battery can.

Another massive drawcard of the FCEV technology is the fact that filling up your hydrogen tank is as quick and easy as filling up with gasoline is today, you simply pull up, fill up and off you go, done in minutes.

This technology has already been used in select production cars achieving 600+ miles in range and promises to be a highly competitive alternative to batteries. 

Bison EV is actively performing R&D and pilot projects to implement this technology into larger vehicles such as busses and trucks where battery storage is not practical. In particular we anticipate large commercial fleets to benefit greatly from aging and inefficient diesel units that require more and more maintenance year after year.

Our Hydrogen fuel cell retrofit will be available soon and we encourage you to reach out to us for more information.

Containerized Hydrogen Filling Stations

Our team has experience in developing and building standard 20ft container modules that are able to store and dispense hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, typically at 350 or 700 bar (5000 and 10 000 psi).

These modules are fantastic as they also have the expansion available for their own onsite green hydrogen production through electrolysis and are readily transportable due to their standard container intermodal design. This means these modules can be easily picked up and placed wherever fuelling is required and simply operate off of a water and electricity input to provide a complete turn key fuelling station. 

No refineries, no logistics and no exhaust emissions.

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