Battery EV


Battery electric vehicles are a form of electric vehicle that makes use of a large battery pack to power the electric motor. The whole system is pretty straightforward and is also extremely robust. The best part is that like any other electronic device, it only needs to be charged as and when the battery is low. BEV’s can be charged from many different power sources, all the way from a standard 110V outlet up to a full-size DC Fast charger found in public places. Over and above this – if you’re looking for the full setup – BisonEV is also able to supply you with these home charging units. 

While it’s worth remembering that gasoline stores a huge amount of energy – typically allowing vehicles to drive 300miles in a single tank – these standard engines only use about 25% of the energy produced by your gas tank for motion, the rest becomes heat which is a huge waste. On top of this, burning gasoline or diesel emits a large amount of CO₂ and other extremely harmful greenhouse gases, which is one of the biggest issues we’re facing across the world today.

The electric motor is 95%+ efficient and allows drivers the ability to use almost every single drop of energy the battery pack is able to store as well as regenerating power when you slow down, adding miles to your range. This means that not only are modern electric vehicles able to drive hundreds of miles on a single charge, they are also exhaust emission free.

Our lithium-ion batteries

Our lithium-ion batteries are custom engineered and designed in partnership with suppliers like LION E-Mobility AG, LG CHEM, Liyuan and CALB in order to ensure optimal efficiency, durability and the best energy density for the highest capacity giving you the best of the best. Your safety is our concern so we have ensured the battery packs has a failure tolerant design with single-cell fusing and an extinguishing concept, keeping you and your vehicle out of harm’s way. Our lithium-ion batteries have the best integrability due to modular and flexible architecture meaning that we can tailor-make a solution to get the absolute best performance and specifications for that vehicle.

BisonEV prides itself in achieving sustainability and green living through advanced technology which is why we are currently developing and testing Vanadium Graphene Batteries in partnership with a leading South African research institute to provide smaller, lighter batteries that will take you further than ever before. We are also in the process of exploring Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology to accommodate larger vehicles such as buses, trucks and fleet vehicles.

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