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Experience the future like never before, thanks to our team of automotive, electric, and hydrogen fuel cell experts.

Retrofitting Technology

BisonEV offers ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) retrofitting technology to battery or hydrogen as power sources and transform the way you drive. It’s time to say hello to a new realm of possibility. Now, more than ever before, people have the ability to invest in executive retrofitted electric vehicles, last mile boxy stepvans and even larger vehicles such as trucks and busses to Hydrogen.

Transform Your Engine

Our retrofitting technology transforms existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles into electric vehicles (EVs) without forcing you to compromise on crucial safety features or the speed, quality or comfort you’re used to.

BisonEV executives have over 80 years of combined EV experience and our goal is to use the best in class technology to offer a complete, competitive system.

our retrofitting technology offers:

The ability to utilize our retrofitting EV technology inside existing vehicles to be Battery or Hydrogen power driven
100% exhaust-emissions free ensuring sustainable living without compromising luxury. BisonEV projects to save 43 million tons of CO₂ over the first 10 + years
Competitive pricing and excellent service guaranteed with comprehensive warranty plans on all retrofitted BisonEV parts

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